Thinking about working in this community?

The work co-op that we envision will be strategically rooted in eastern Connecticut’s local food and agricultural system, to create durable, productive and rewarding job opportunities.

A diversified, cooperative farm encompassing pasture land for animals, vegetables and broad-acre crops will be included in the design. Employment opportunities will range from full-time positions to two hours per week and may include working with animals, planting or weeding, harvesting, shearing, vegetable processing or any of the many other potential farm jobs. This diversity of job types and intensity will allow workers of all abilities to participate while remaining an economically viable farm business.


– John has recently returned from a three year Peace Corps placement in Peru and is looking for a place to settle down. He envisions a place where he can farm a bit of land, live in a small home within walking distance and contribute to a tight-knit community lifestyle. By joining the Farmstead Village limited-equity housing co-op, he can afford his own home and becoming a member of the Farm Co-op gives him a job as the Alpaca herd manager, plus access to a piece of land where he grows an herb and vegetable garden.

– Eva spends most mornings spinning alpaca wool and most afternoons weaving on her loom.  She is particularly dedicated to creating colorful blankets and scarves.  Eva’s work is sold through the Farmstead Village Co-Op, providing her with income.  Anytime Eva wants help or it’s time for a break or meal, her companion Estelle is there to support her.  Because of Eva’s developmental disability, Estelle or someone else is present with her 24 hours a day.  Eva has assistance whenever she needs it, during meals, on walks, getting ready for bed or going to a community dance party.  


If you are interested in supporting the cooperative farming initiative, or if you can see yourself becoming a member,  Contact Us!