Thinking about living at the Farmstead Village?

CLCC is searching for land on which to build the village!  Housing plans are based in principles of community integration, relationship-building and diversity. In short, a life-sharing community for adults with and without developmental disabilities is being planned.

A mix of living options that range from single-person apartments to family homes, housing people both with and without disabilities is envisioned. For residents with disabilities accommodations ranging from independent living to 24-hour support will be provided. Cooperative housing is being considered as an option in the design.


– Cedric loves to cook, especially dinner for guests. Since moving to the Village, he hosts dinners three or four times more frequently than before. As a member of the Farm Co-op, he always has fresh produce to use in his recipes and has even learned new dishes to better use all the garden bounty. As an adult with Aspergers, he is grateful for the one-on-one support he gets that allows him to live independently in the Farmstead Village. Recently, he has partnered with two other Village residents to cook and serve community lunches on the farm, featuring fresh produce grown by the Farm Co-op.

– Jim is a young man with Down Syndrome who turned 22 six months ago.  He had spent his life involved in many programs, learning how to live independently and making friends.  At the age of 22, his funding stopped as he “aged out” of the educational system and went on a waiting list for Department of Developmental Services funding.  During this time, Jim’s mood drastically regressed. Since moving into the CLCC community, he has flourished by making new friends, earning a rewarding job, and experiencing new situations.

For great examples of Lifesharing in action, see:

If you are interested in seeing our Farmstead Village come to fruition, or you might even like to live here yourself, please  Contact Us!